Our Review and Sponsor Opportunities

We offer a number of services for media and products companies, technology startups and crowd funding solutions, which hopefully meet your requirements. If you have something else in mind, based on the services below, then please just let us know.

1a. Review your product on our DigiTales YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram channels

Cost: 2-4 samples of the product, Direct links to our channel on your website (embedded)

1b. Same as 1a but we include boost advertising across Facebook, Google, Twitter and Instagram and we manage this for you to increase audience size, impressions and conversions

Cost: same as 1a + advertising budget +5% management cost (e.g. $105 for a budget of $100)

2. We make a review video, which is not branded DigiTales. We then deliver the video to you to use as you want. If you would like us to use your branding on the video, we can do this as well.

  • 1 minute teaser review for social media

  • 3 minute review in studio

  • 5 minute + Review showing real world testing around a location like London

    3. Sponsor - We offer a slot for a product sponsor for our regular DigiTales videos

    Options include:

  • Shout out at the beginning of our videos

  • Mid video mentions of the product

  • Links to the product website during out takes at the end of the video

  • Links in the video description

    Cost $ per video (5 video package for 20% discount)

    (Does not include boost advertising which can be added as stated in option 1)

    If none of the above options are what you had in mind, then please let us know. You can reach our production manager info@digitales.org.uk